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Welcome to David’s Southern Journey. It’s something I had been planning to do for a while but was delayed by a serious bout of procrastination. I have a huge tendency to carry things around in my head long before I every commit them to writing. However, at the urgency of some friends and family, especially my nephew Jimmy, I’ve finally cropped-cropped-David-Headshot3.pngtaken the plunge into the blogging world regarding my love, experience, and discoveries of life under the influence of being from the South.

All the stories I will record here are true. They may not be perfect since I’m deep in my senior years and sometimes things can get a little “fuzzy”. However, whatever I post here is accurate “as best I remember.” I don’t purposely write fiction, but you know sometimes when part of your own story originated with someone else story, especially if it was passed down to them…well, you just never know.

I realize we cannot live in the past but we certainly can enjoy it when full of positive recollections. I would consider my life growing up as a child in eastern North Carolina as perfect…at least it seemed that way. I was from a fine family that loved both God and man. Our home was filled with joy, kindness, understanding, and wisdom from my daddy and fine southern cooking from my mother. We lived in safe neighborhoods where after supper the kids played outside while the parents sat on the front porch and visited with neighbors. It was a peaceful existence.

In these contemporary times, I would wish such an atmosphere for everyone. I’m just hoping that maybe something said here will lift some spirits, encourage, produce a chuckle from those who read, and perhaps cast a little vision where needed.  Plans are to eventually incorporate a wide variety of things “southern” including some recipes, music, and other stuff. I’ll put up new posts every week. If you’d like to be informed when something new goes up, fill out the form and I’ll shoot a blurb to your email…and please share our blog with family and friends who would be interested.

You are welcome to comment on anything I post and I look forward to that. All of us have a story and no two are the same. I always enjoy hearing what others have experienced. I will moderate this blog, meaning that every post is going to be filtered through me because I insist we keep things clean. There are a lot of crazy and nasty people around who like to trash up good things. It won’t happen here. I can put up with crazy some but nasty will not happen here.

So I hope you will read and enjoy yourself. Please let me hear from you on this blog. Above all, feel the love and have a good time.

David Lewis

  • Tom Nichols   /   November 5, 2016., 8:28 pmReply

    I will keep my eyes open for all the excitement that I am sure will be coming my way. I am just a poor old country boy. In fact we were so poor that when we killed hogs, they too were so poor we hung them on the clothes line to clean.

    • David Lewis   /   November 5, 2016., 8:35 pmReply

      I hear you, Tom.I feel sorry for folks who don't know what a hog killin' is. We used to do it as a community on the coldest day we could find. Best wishes to you.

  • Mary Langrehr   /   October 19, 2016., 2:30 pmReply

    I'll be reading this! I'm about as Southern as they come and I think I went to school with you so this should be interesting!

    • David Lewis   /   October 19, 2016., 4:03 pmReply

      Thank you, Mary. My plans are to post 2-3 times a week. If you haven't done so, please follow my blog by subscribing with your email. You'll receive notice when new posts go up and also receive some special stuff by email, including some giveaways. Thanks again.

  • Donna Levijoki   /   October 18, 2016., 5:17 pmReply


    • David Lewis   /   October 18, 2016., 5:46 pmReply

      Thank you, Donna. Best wishes.

  • David Harris   /   October 17, 2016., 2:05 pmReply

    David, I hope this takes off for you. Good luck, my friend !!

    • daystarmm   /   October 17, 2016., 8:25 pmReply

      Thank you, David. I appreciate your kind words. We'll be in touch.

  • Robin Wester   /   October 17, 2016., 1:23 pmReply

    Looking forward to this........

    • daystarmm   /   October 17, 2016., 8:24 pmReply

      Thanks, Robin. I'll keep you posted. Best wishes.