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The Most Satisfying Day of Work, Ever

woodpileWithin our memories, we all record special moments, events, and times. Our individual memories are broad sweeping, everything from a particular gift, recognition, a kiss, a birth, a death, and countless other possibilities. Such moments are common to all of us. They are outside the mundane and so important individually that they become landmarks in our lives. The rest of the world may walk by these as they are occurring and never know that they are taking place. I remember a day, not just part of a day but a complete day. It was the kind of day that brought teaching and insight in a variety of ways. It is branded in my mind and even now, many years later I recall it in vivid detail and relive the fulfillment I experienced. (more…)

Winter Lunch


The store is still standing, though no one runs it now. Originally it had a center door with a window on either side.

My daddy’s first grocery store was a concrete block structure that was one of the tools used to fill my childhood with great memories. Supermarkets had not yet come to prominence so the small county stores served great purposes and ours was no exception. In addition to running the store, daddy also farmed cotton so he was very plugged in to what was going on in our area.

In addition to the availability of food, the store was a bit of an “information center”. If there was anything going on in the community – good, bad, pro, or con – it could be discovered through the many conversations, usually from farmers sitting on soft drink crates around the pot belly stove, well stoked with coal.

On this particular day, I was at the store with my mother since daddy had gone into town to pick up some inventory. In those days we could get delivery from the suppliers but it only happened once a week when they would make a run up our way. Unless it was something he wanted to wait on, daddy would most often drive into town and pick up his supplies.

It was very cold and we were starting to get a mix of sleet and a little snow. (more…)