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Trimming the Thanksgiving Trees

“Trimming the Thanksgiving Trees” may sound like a strange title since we most often think of trimming a Christmas tree, not something called a Thanksgiving Tree. And truthfully, this is just a term I assigned to a couple of trees in our front yard years ago. Keep reading, please. You will soon see why I did so.

I just watched the local tv news and they were covering a 10K race called “The Turkey Trot” that takes place every Thanksgiving morning in our area. In particular, the reporter was talking to a family that participates yearly and it has become a necessary ingredient to their Thanksgiving Day celebration. Though there are a lot of commonalities that dominant our concept of what Thanksgiving really is, we all seem to bring personal touches to the table as we endeavor to take ownership of it and makes it ours individually. It may be certain foods, certain people, activities, and a variety of other elements. (more…)