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About David – Who Is This Guy?


David and his pal, Peanut

Hello! I’m David Samuel Lewis, here with my friend Peanut. He was the runt of the litter, hence his name. He came to be my pal through a series of unexpected circumstances. I’d never been much of a dog person but this little Jack Russell captured my heart the first time I saw him and I was very pleased when he came to live at our house and be a part of our family. Like me, he’s getting kind of old now but like a Timex…we keep on tickin’.

I was born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC. I liked playing sports when I was younger but my primary hobby growing up was music. I was from a musical family. My oldest brother, Ronnie, could play the daylights out of a trumpet, won a bunch of awards, and ended up in the Air Force Band. My other brother, Jimmy, played the tuba, though he was a pretty good athlete also.  My mother played the piano and sang soprano and my daddy had a big, booming bass voice. They were in the choir at church and often sang on the radio on Sunday afternoons. Music was heard throughout our house on a daily basis…the radio, phonograph, or simply one of us singing.

When I was 13, I graduated from the ukulele and taught myself to play an acoustic guitar that I bought for $21 from Sears with my summer grass-cutting money. Eventually, I moved to an electric guitar and played in some garage bands…lots of fun and kept me out of trouble. Trouble was definitely not on the agenda in the home in which I was raised.

After graduating from high school I worked for a year with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. College held no interest for me at that time so in September of 1967 I joined the US Navy. I knew my draft number was coming up and preferred to make my own choice. I served until 1971 when Nixon started cutting back the armed services as Vietnam was ending.

After being discharged, I worked as a musician while attending college and pursuing plans to be an English teacher. However, I was given an opportunity for a full time music ruthchris1career by an agent in Kansas and moved there, and later to Denver. After some years, I experienced a spiritual awakening and sensed a call to ministry.  Returning to North Carolina, I attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and afterwards spent over 35 years in full time ministry before retiring due to health reasons.

My first wife passed away in 2001 from cancer. We had been married for 32 years. I understand joy and happiness, but also sorrow and grief. I hold the institution of marriage and family in high esteem.

I have been a writer for years, doing everything from training materials to a weekly column in a TV magazine. These days I focus on the things I most enjoy writing…nostalgic stories of Southern life, positive and uplifting essays, books, and blogs.  Non-fiction writing based on life experiences and people I encountered along the way are my primary sources of inspiration.

For recreation, I enjoy saltwater fishing and do so on occasion. I am also well versed in Southern cooking, something I do often. My wife Nancy and I, and two stepdaughters, Rachel, and Elizabeth live in Pinellas Park, Florida. I also have a daughter, Shannon who lives in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband Hugh and sons Logan, Ian, and Hunter.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope you share your comments. Perhaps some of you have a story or two that you would like to share. If so, please send them to me and we’ll either include them in one of my posts or name you as a guest blogger. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey.



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