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A Nostalgic Christmas Sampler

True and Heartwarming Stories of Christmas
Christmas for a child growing up in eastern North Carolina during the 1950’s was very different on many levels than what most children experience today.

Imagine a Christmas dinner where practically everything on the table was food raised and harvested by the family and most of the gifts exchanged were handmade. Think about heading to the woods to find your Christmas tree, not just because it would be a fun thing to do, but because it was the only place to get one. Picture being excited about going to the neighborhood grocery store because you heard that they had oranges and tangerines…the only time of the year they were available. David Samuel Lewis was a child growing up in such an environment in the 1950’s, first living in a rural agricultural community and then in a neighborhood in a small town. He was fortunate to experience the best that the Christmas seasons had to offer in both locations and recaptures sweet memories of them within these pages.

He presents a less complicated time filled with a lot of goodwill, heart-warming examples of family and community life, and humor as experienced from his perspective as a small boy. The insights he gathered in his childhood have paid dividends through the years. Enjoy the reading as David recalls a time in his adult life when he was far from home yet those values he learned as a child touched his life and others. Visualize that little grocery store his daddy operated, that generated a lot of Christmas spirit.

This is an easy, inspiring, and humorous read that touches on things material, emotional, and spiritual and offers encouragement to recapture memories and reapply principles not only during the holidays but all year long.

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.