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greens-646810_1920Collard or collard greens, if you prefer to call them that, were a prevalent dish in my home.  The method of cooking here is the way my mother did it plus I have learned a few things about collards since her departure. She was an excellent cook and my daddy absolutely loved the collards she cooked, though she didn’t care for them herself. Go figure that one out…it is called love! Like most kids I grew up with no interest in greens of any type. However, at a point in time something clicked and greens went high on my culinary list and collards took the number one spot. In my estimation, the best compliment to collards is sweet potatoes. The variance in the two flavors work great together. I like to think of it as “country feng sui”. (more…)



I think Quaker brand was most often used at our house but they are all about the same. There are a lot of varieties…old fashioned, quick 5 minute grits…just stay away from the instant!

 I really enjoy traditional breakfast food although often I prefer it not at the normal breakfast time. I like it in the evening, at the dinner/supper time, or for an occasional weekend brunch…eggs, sausage, bacon, ham…and of course, grits. Many people do not know that grits are simply ground corn, not fine enough for making cornbread as you do with cornmeal, but fine for quick cooking for a cheap, stick to your ribs kind of dish. Which brings up a grammar question: should we say “grits are” or “grits is” since a person would never eat one grit. I’m sticking with “grits are”. Is it singular, is it plural? Just cook ’em and eat ’em and don’t worry about it!

grits1Grits were a mainstay on many a southern table for years. They belong to that class of foods that some people would call “peasant food”. (more…)